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Patton: TV appearance at The National Dog Show

28 November 2022 by Ali-Mic News 476 Views

Patton got his three seconds of fame while at The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day after the Macy's Parade. During the benching time in the grooming area, Patton was visited by the television filming crew as he was being admired by two small children. If you happen to see the re-run of the 2022 National Dog Show, look around the 51:45 minute mark for Patton's appearance. Link to the show: Click Here




Patton Finishes AKC Championship from the BBE Class

18 October 2022 by Ali-Mic News 492 Views

Today was a fantastic day (Sun, 10/16/2022)! May I introduce to you …

New AKC Champion Ali-Mic’s U.S. Third Army, BCAT - “PATTON”

Alicia’s and my first home-bred CH, exclusively shown from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class, finishes his CH by taking Winners Dog at the AMCA-Empire Alaskan Malamute Association Specialty under AKC Judge Jacqueline Stacy (BIG Thank You to judge Stacey). This is Patton's 3rd Malamute Specialty Bred-By 5-Point Major, and we had a previous additional 2-point win. Congratulations to all the other winners today!

Patton 3rd RegionalSpecialty 2021 800

Patton CH 20221016 2  Patton CH 20221016


OMAR takes 3rd Place at AMCA National Specialty

18 October 2021 by Ali-Mic News 996 Views

“OMAR”- Ali-Mic’s First U.S. Army

Takes 3rd Place in the Bred-By Exhibitor Class at the Alaskan Malamute Club of America's NATIONAL Specialty at Gettysburg, PA on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021 under AKC breeder-judge Mrs. Shilon L Bedford. As an aside, this was Omar's very first appearance in the show ring.
Omar 2021Nationals 800

PATTON takes 3rd Place at AMCA Regional Specialty

17 October 2021 by Ali-Mic News 963 Views

"PATTON", Ali-Mic's U.S. Third Army, takdes 3rd Place in the Bred By Exhibitor Class at the Alaskan Malmute Club of America's Regional Specialty, held in Gettysburg, PA on Monday, October 11, 2021, under AKC Breeder-judge Ms. Kimberly Merideth.

Patton 3rd RegionalSpecialty 2021 800


Blue & Gray Cluster - April 14-18, 2021 - Lebanon, PA

20 April 2021 by Ali-Mic News 1648 Views
Lebanon PATTON APR 15 01   Lebanon Collection  Lebanon RAVEN APR 15 02
PATTON - Ali-Mic's U.S. Third Army Blue & Gray Ribbon Collection RAVEN - GCH CH Staghorn & Ali-Mic's Marion Ravenwood, CGC

Well, another Blue & Gray Cluster come and gone. The Lebanon Fairgrounds, in my opinion, is a much better venue than the PA Farm Show Arena, for a multitude of reasons. Not least of which is the reduced cost and better access. My thanks to the Harrisburg KC for putting on a good show in these trying times. That said, on to the fun part.

Raven, Patton and I had a great time at the shows this year. We had the outstanding pleasure to meet some new to us faces we had not met before. Morgan and her Dad, Benny Goodman; Stephanie Linderman; Ron Applegate among others.Was great to finally meet you all in person. Was also wonderful to see some friends again too; Pam Fisco, Ruth and Paul Levesque, Bev Pfeiffer, Debbie Carter, Barb Pisch, Amanda Kanzelburger, Annie Choi, and Marylou and Dennis and Carol Collins.

Wednesday and Thursday were the big days for us. RAVEN took Select Bitch on Wednesday under judge Carolyn Herbel to pick up her third 5-point GCH major with just a few more points to go. PATTON took the Bred-By Class after a two year hiatus from showing. On Thursday RAVEN took Best of Opposite Sex to finish her GCH, with PATTON again taking the Bred-By Class and Winners Dog for his second 5-point CH Major, both under judge Toddie Clark. PATTON only needs now to point out for CH. Friday was another good day for PATTON. He again took the Bred-By Class, but he was edged out in the winners ring. The rest of the cluster shows wwere pretty much ring practice time for us with PATTON taking a 4th place and 3rd Place in Bred-BY the last two days.

Alicia came up to the fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday to attend the Weight Pulls with our OMAR, Ali-Mic's First U.S. Army. OMAR has yet to be shown in the ring but this big goofball was a hit with the crowds. As soon as PATTON is finished OMAR will make his ring debut. All in all a good 5 days of showing and a pleasant time catching up with everybody. Thanks again for a great time.



Alicia and "The Boys" Have a good weekend in Virginia.

12 April 2021 by Ali-Mic News 1462 Views

Alicia, Omar and Patton recently attended teh FastCAT Trials in White Post, VA. Both Omar and Patton had some exceptionally good runs which resulted in Omar taking the #2 Fasteest Alakskan Malamute in the U.S., and Patton taking the #5 spot. Not bad for their first time out doing FastCAT.

B01I9326 sa  B01I9413 sa 
OMAR - Ali-Mic's First U.S. Army
Currently the #2 fastest FastCAT Alaskan Malamute in the U.S.
PATTON - Ali-Mic's U.S. Third Army
Currently the #5 fastest FastCAT Alaskan Malamute in the U.S.

April 14, 2019 - "PATTON" has a good day at the AMCA/AMAEP Malamute Specialty

15 April 2019 by Ali-Mic News 2093 Views
PATTON MasonDixon B 20190414 PATTON MasonDixon A 20190414 PATTON MasonDixon C 20190414


"PATTON" - Ali-Mic's U.S. Third Army, has a great day at the AMCA/AMAEP Specialty in the Mason & Dixon Kennel Club show in Harrisburg, PA. Under AKC judge Paula Hartinger, Patton wins the Bred-By Exhibitor Class, Winners Dog, and Best of Winners for his first Major (5 pts). Bred out of INDIANA and RAVEN, good things will happen with this home-bred boy in the near future.


Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamutes - Puppies at 7 Weeks

03 January 2018 by Ali-Mic News 3227 Views
Blue Boy (Show Quality - Available) Red Boy (Show Quality - Available) Brown Girl (Show Quality - Not Available) Lt. Blue Girl (Forever Home)
001 003 005 007
002 004 006 008
Purple Girl (Forever Home) Tan Girl (Forever Home) Orange Girl (Forever Home) White Boy (Forever Home)
009 011 013 015
010 012 014 016



Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamute Puppies at 4 Weeks

13 December 2017 by Ali-Mic News 3318 Views

Puppies at 4 weeks of age, 12/09/2017.

Coming along nicely. All are at or above 7 pounds now, and will be 8 weeks old on January 06, 2017. We will not be releasing any puppies until 8 to 10 weeks old.

If you are interested in any of these puppies, please pre-register: CLICK HERE ... or CONTACT US

Red Boy White Boy Blue Boy
 1  2 3 
 Brown Girl Tan GirlPurple Girl 
 4 5   6
 Light Blue GirlOrange Girl Silver Girl 
 7  8  9

Exciting News At Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamutes - Puppies Have Arrived

13 November 2017 by Ali-Mic News 3157 Views

Litter Arrived November 11, 2017

The long awaited breeding between Indiana and Raven has been successful and has produced 3 male and 6 female glorious Alaskan Malamute puppies.

We are taking applications at this time - CLICK HERE TO APPLY



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