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Final Questions

- To promote responsible breeding, all of our pet/companion puppies and dogs are sold on a pre-registered AKC Limited Registration, with a Spay/Neuter, MANDATORY between 9 and 14 months of age unless other provisions are agreed to in advance in writing, contract.

- PLEASE NOTE: "Limited Registration" means that the puppy is eligible for any American Kennel Club competitions such as agility, obedience, and most other malamute related venues, but MAY NOT be entered in conformation shows and CANNOT be used in any breeding program. Limited Registration has no bearing on the piuppy/dogs quality or their owner. This is a matter of insuring Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamute puppies/dogs will not be used for illicit breeding's.

- Should a pet/companion puppy/dog owner decide to become involved in breeding/showing at a later date, and the puppy/dog is deemed "breeding" and/or "show quality" at our sole discretion, the option exists for Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamutes to amend the "Limited Registration" to "Full Registration".

- We will "AKC Pre-Register" all puppies and dogs with the AKC BEFORE they are picked up by their prospective new owners, unless other provisions are agreed to in advance and in writing.

- Registration Papers WILL NOT be supplied to pet/companion owners until proof of spay/neuter is provided to us in writing, from a registered veterinarian, within the stated time period (9-12 months of age). Breeding and Show Quality puppies/dogs will be supplied with full AKC Registrations. At our sole discretion, Ali-Mic Alaskan Malamutes will be added as a secondary owner of any puppy/dog we deem appropriate.

- At our sole discretion, Show Quality and Breeding Stock will ONLY be sold to persons who demonstrate their prior knowledge and experience in the appropriate venues.

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