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PATTON BOW Harrisburg 2019 20190415

Breeders: Michael & Alicia McGuire
Date of Birth: 11/11/17 (AKC Reg.: WS58830601)
Patton 3rd RegionalSpecialty 2021 800  

3rd Place Bred By Exhibitor - AMCA Regianal Specialty - Oct. 11, 2021

Patton takes 3rd Place in the Bred By Exhibitor Class at teh AMCA Regianal Specialty under AKC Breeder-Judge Kimberly Merrideth.

Lebanon PATTON APR 15 01  

BBE, WD (SPECIALTY) - Lebanon County KC - April 15, 2021

PATTON take the Bred by Exhibitor Class and Winners Dog for his Second 5-Point Specialty Show Major at the Lebanon County KC / AMCA/AMAEP Supported Entry show under AKC judge Mrs. Toddie Clark on April 15, 2021 from a decent sized Bred-by Class. Patton defeated 11 other dogs. Patton currently stands at 10 points with two CH majors.

B01I9413 sa  

PATTON - FastCAT Trials - White Post, VA - March 13, 2021

Running three heats on Friday and Saturday, Patton has taken the #5 Fastest Alaskan Malamute position early in the year. He had  a good run of 23.8 mph, running the 100 yards in 8.59 seconds.
PATTON BOW Harrisburg 2019 20190415  

BBE, WD, and BOW (SPECIALTY) - Mason & Dixon KC - Harrisburg, PA - Apr 14, 2019

At just 17 months of age, and only his second showing, PATTON takes the Bred-By Exhibitor Class, Winners Dog, and Best of Winners for his first 5-point Major at the AMCA/AMAEP Specialty held within the Mason & Dixon Kennel Club Show in Harrisburg, PA under AKC judge Paula Hartinger.

PATTON MasonDixon B 20190414  PATTON MasonDixon A 20190414

Patton 20180830   Patton at 10 months

Patton 20180210

   Patton at 5 months